Ming Kee Chicken Rice

If you can’t get enough of chicken rice, read on.

Ming Kee Chicken Rice Porridge (at Kim San Leng Food Centre)

For Hainanese chicken rice to be good, it has to be silky smooth. The chicken at Ming Kee isn’t only silky smooth, it’s icy cold like from the fridge. That makes the chicken rice there special. Not to forget the sauce isn’t just a flat taste. Rice we had wasn’t too soft, neither was it too dry – just good.
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Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Last week I actually went over to Chomp Chomp with my girlfriend and something struck me – why not share the venues here? That way, anyone travelling to Singapore (or even locals) can visit the place.

If you crave for some tasty local food, this is a place you should visit. I’m going to tell you what’s good here.

Fried Carrot Cake (Black)

BBQ Chicken Wings

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Free gifts given out!


I know we’re taking too long to make things work this time. The busy times are totally over.

We’ve selected a random winner and contact him. If he doesn’t respond within the next 48hours, we’ll select a second winner.

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We’ll be back soon!

We know we’ve been rather inactive and haven’t posted anything since 4sqDay 2011. Give us abit more time, until next week. We’ll be back with the photos, the prizes from the lucky draw and more juice.
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What’s happening on #4sqDay Singapore 2011

This is a post you should read if you’re still not sure what’s going to happen on 4sqDay!

Foursquare officially declared 16 April “Foursquare Day” or “4sqDay” worldwide and communities around the world will have different programmes planned for the city. Our aim in Singapore is to increase the social media awareness. On this day, users get to enjoy one-day specials and businesses get to promote themselves.

There’s no exact schedule for the day but here’s a rough idea of what’s going on:
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